If Stinging Insects Are Taking Over Your Property

If Stinging Insects Are Taking Over Your Property

Call Mosquito Squad in Brewer & Orono, ME for hornet and wasp control

Mosquito Squad of Bangor-Auburn is the extermination company to call when you have a wasp or hornet problem at your home or office. Our crew uses industry-leading chemicals and extensive experience to treat your property effectively.

We'll tell you which products we're using and why before answering all of your questions.

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Prevent wasps from infiltrating your home or office

Not only can we treat your property, but we can also stop wasps and hornets from coming into your space using preventive methods to remove your wasp or hornet problem once and for all.

Call Mosquito Squad of Bangor-Auburn at 207-922-2793 to get a free estimate. You can also count on us for tick and mosquito control services in Brewer & Orono, ME and the surrounding area.